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Maniac Collab Stories

We call to artists, writers, creators, animators, filmmakers, and fans of the art of storytelling to join in the making of our first collaborative film, using Artificial Intelligence as a production tool.


With the increase in artificial intelligence, some people speak of a negative view regarding its use in creation processes. However, those who are using this tool as one more way to enhance their processes are producing extraordinary results.

Artificial Intelligence opens the door to new ways of storytelling and collaboration. That is why we created this project.

How we will do it?

We will use a process known as storyworld collaboration (or Shared world) where a previously constructed fictional world is based on and collaborators are invited to develop an individual story within that world. The result is an anthology of connected stories immersed in the same world.


15 March. Opening Call for creators. Use this form to register as a creator.

15 April. Opening official discord and launch of NFT Collection. Holders will vote and access to exclusive content of the film.

18 April. Collaborative sessions live on discord.

5 May. Community vote for the best stories to be included on the film.

6 May. Start of production with AI.

31 May. Final date to send the short films.

1 June. Final Edit by Maniac1.

15 Junio. Release of Film on Bitcoin Ordinals and Youtube.

The first Film on Bitcoin Ordinals

The best stories from the community will be auctioned off and uploaded to the Bitcoin network as Ordinals. Be part of this historic and amazing project.

NFT Collection on Ethereum

Become a holder of the NFT Collection and get exclusive benefits.

Mint your Combo. 0.01 ETH – Supply 3000. Access to exclusive content, vote for the best stories.

Maniac1 is a Decentralized Web3 Creative Lab based in Mexico. We have collaborated with big companies and communities to build projects and help people to inmerse into Web3.

Artista Artificial is a project by Rodrigo Salazar, a film producer who has explored and evangelized the Hispanic community in the use of Artificial Intelligence and its various tools.


Register and become one of the creator that will make history.

Use this form to sign up as a creator, holder, or partner. We’ll notify you when we open the discord and for more updates. Don’t forget to follow us on social networks @onlymaniac.