Mexico Preservado – Maniac One

México Preservado
/ Annual exhibition of mexican art through metaverse.

13-15 OCT 2022

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Welcome to the most important exhibition of Mexican art and culture in the metaverse.
Featuring the main creators and emerging artists in a single exhibition that will show the best of Mexico in art through new technological trends.

We are building the metaverse space for mexican art. The space will be a representation of "Mictlan", an underworld of 9 levels from the Mexica Culture, where people is going after death. This year we will launch the first trhee levels of Mictlan in the Spatial Metaverse.

Travel to the Underworld with Mexican Alebrijes.

Clean your sins with this special Piñatas.

We are the main promoters of Mexican art through NFTs. In the last year, we've worked hand-in-hand with emerging talent to build a strong, self-propelling community.

The most important NFT art gallery in Mexico. Nominated as the best international gallery at the NFT.NYC 2022 awards, the most important event for Non-Fungible Tokens worldwide. She has collaborated with local and international artists.

The first Mexican NFT marketplace built on the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks has fostered the development of new talent through competitions, events and exhibitions. As well as collaborating with private sector companies to help them in their immersion in the Metaverse and NFTs.

Join to the Mexaverse!

Register is closed for artists. If you are a brand, media or collector and want to collaborate with us, send us a message!