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Gerardo y la piñata monstruo by Hafid.mx
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Piñatas of the metaverse
/ First NFT Collection by Mexican Artists.

The piñata is an internationally recognized symbol of Mexican culture. The piñata was originally a pot of clay, or cardboard, and seven spikes were glued to it to give it a star shape. There are two versions about the origin of piñatas; one of them attributes the origin to the Mayan civilization, it is said that they practiced a game blindfolded, this consisted of hanging a clay pot full of cocoa with a rope and trying to break it.

The other version dates back to ancient China, specifically "The Travels of Marco Polo". In this book, the merchant relates that on one of his journeys through Asia he observed how the figure of an ox stuffed with seeds was broken to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It was he who brought the tradition to Italy, where it was adapted to commemorate Lent, from there it went to Spain and, finally, the Spanish took it upon themselves to bring it to the New World and give a new meaning to piñatas. After the Conquest, the piñatas acquire a religious meaning, since the monks used them as a resource for evangelization. .

The object had to be destroyed blindfolded (alluding to the fact that faith is blind), with the help of a stick. The candies and other goodies inside the piñata represent the riches of the kingdom of heaven.

Pulpiñata by Grafiko
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Cosmic Piñata by Silverio Contreras
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Each of the elements have a meaning:

The seven peaks.They symbolize the seven deadly sins: sloth, envy, gluttony, anger, lust, greed, pride. The stick. The stick used to hit the piñata and break it simulates the force with which evil is defeated and falsehood and deception are destroyed. Blindfolded. The blindfold with which the eyes are covered represents blind faith in God. Tinsel and colors. The bright colors and tinsel symbolize the vanities of the world and temptations of the devil. Inside. The fruits and sweets with which the piñata is filled are the reward for overcoming sin.

Happy Piñata Party by Nilacort
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The meaning of the piñatas fit perfectly with the theme of the posadas, with the passage of time this tradition was added to the December festivities. To hit the piñata, it is customary to sing while the person tries to break it. Currently it is possible to get clay piñatas in different towns in the country and there are piñatas of all kinds of shapes, colors and characters. They not only break in the posadas, but in all kinds of parties: birthdays, first communions, baptisms, parties for children and adults, farewells and whatever comes to mind.

Is time to clean your sins and collect a Piñata

About this collection

"Alebrijes Digitales" was the first colaborative drop by mexican artists promoted and curated by Maniac1. The drop was also a contest where the winner "Cristalix" recieved a won prize of $5,000 USD. This are also the first Digital Crafts made by mexican artists in the NFT World History.

Maniac1 is the first NFT Marketplace based in Mexico, promoting culture and supporting the amazing emerging talent.

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