Web3 is the next stage of your brand! – Maniac One
Web3 is the next stage of your brand!

We help companies and people to jump into the Web3 and Metaverse through strategic thinking and business/user needs focus.

Don’t know how to start? these are a couple of options:

  1. Create your NFT Collection. Engage your audience in a new way by giving them a gift that will live forever in the blockchain. Tell stories that connect with your fans, so they can be part of the story of your brand.
  2. Build your space in the Metaverse. Before you create your virtual space you have to find the best match for your audience to choose the right platform. Also designing beautiful spaces is not enough you have to immerse your audience in a great experience and storytelling.
  3. Artist collaborations. Creating art or making collaborations now has enormous benefits with NFTs, because you are investing in art that can add value to your company and brand, and also you have the possibility to sell it later. So investing in Art through NFTs is not a waste of money and you will be connecting with your audience in a special, elegant, and cultural way.
  4. Event Organization (Metaverse). Create events to interact in real-time with your people, everything is possible in Metaverse. Stream your events in social media or record content in the metaverse.
  5. Avatars and brand stuff for the metaverse. Take your brand to the metaverse so users can use it or wear it. Let people take your brand to the metaverse and have fun.
  6. Training. Do you want to train your team in Web 3? Contact us!

Let’s start to build together!

Contact: hello@maniac1.com
Phone: +52 222 4702 833