Maniac is a NFT Marketplace based in Mexico who empowers collaboration between creators, brands and organizations, capable of generating a creative collaborative economy around NFT’s and we are looking for galleries that are interested in forming their own marketplace within our platform.

By accessing Maniac’s platform you will be able to trade your own NFT’s in two of the most popular blockchains: Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. And this time, we offer you the possibility of having your own collection or collections within Maniac, as well as being able to invite other creators to collaborate, receiving full profits for each sale and royalties for the creators for a year without fee.

What do I have to do?

We are launching our avatars collection “The Maniac Creators Collection” and when you buy a piece, you will receive your own contract to sell your NFTs in Maniac and also become a special member of our community. We hope you like it, these are in BSC.

However, if you are only interested in the avatar (as they are the official avatars of Maniac) you can buy them.

Or contact us via WhatsApp at :

+52 222 470 2833


Happy Holidays!


Maniac Team


December 21, 2021